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Sondra Sun-Odeon’s sound is not easy to pin down, but the aptly-titled name of her album Aetherea points you in the right direction. The music is of the air, the sky, the limits of existence and consciousness – it is not necessarily the music of the earth, the dirt, the basic and base emotions. However to describe the sound as elemental would be germane. Distant, but ever presently glowing like a beacon in the fog of reverb and echo, Sun-Odeon’s voice leads the listener through a dynamic soundscape. Silken strands of guitar lines and melancholy cello can quickly transform into dark, swirling clouds of noise, distortion, and powerful percussion. Sun-Odeon is a mercurial force of nature, drawing upon her many talents to create an immersive experience.

While we are a folk radio show, in vague terms, we find that it is important to seek out musicians, storytellers, and artists that are breaking beyond the boundaries of their disciplines to create art that is unique and imaginative, rather than rehashing what has already been done. Sondra Sun-Odeon takes the classification of “singer-songwriter” and completely stretches, skewers, and severs our safe definition of what that means. Let her guide you.


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Sondra Sun-Odeon

is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/recording artist. Her former project, dark psych-folk band Silver Summit, was one of the more unique excursions into the otherworldly realms. Similarly, her solo work travels the ether of her lyrics’ darkly romantic world, full of heartbreaking longing and desire. On her solo debut, Ætherea, guitar loops meet clouds of tempestuous string arrangements and morph into fingerpicked arpeggios… ethereal vocals give way to abandon, adjacent heavy drop-tuned guitar chords. Her aesthetic is at once difficult to pigeonhole and at the same time, familiar on an elemental level--transporting one to a place that is ever-present yet only liminally known.

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“Epically divine sounds transcend minds in the musical dreamworld of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sondra Sun-Odeon. Her impeccably orchestrated debut solo album, Ætherea, is a truly delicate thing of beauty replete with a psych-folk tapestry (a la Angels of Light) soaring and weeping behind her.”

Brad Cohan, Village Voice